Fabulous Five

After a bit of a break from blogging, I am back in 2016! I have been so excited about posting pics from this family holiday card shoot I did recently. We started out shooting at their beautiful home and then went for a little stroll in the neighborhood. This couple makes parenthood look easy and so much fun. Many laughs were had by all and I adore all the photos we took. Here are my favorites:

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a fun family photo shoot.

I have been so lucky to photograph Lia and Nate throughout their lives, first Lia as a baby, then Lia as a toddler, Nate as a newborn (and Lia as a big sister) and then again for this fun family shoot with both kids walking and on the move! We started out the session in the family home, each of the kids taking turns getting photographed and playing with balloons. We did a family portrait in the house and then went for a walk to UCLA where we did some great outdoor shots! It was so fun to see the kids run and play together and to see how they have grown and changed through the portrait sessions. There were so many fun photos we took, here are some of my favorites:

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