Childhood Unplugged

These gorgeous sisters were so much fun to capture at our last photo shoot. They were playful and energetic and had a love and bond that was magical to watch. We did the shoot at their home and the girls started out with portraits and ended with play. Although this was a mini shoot, there were tons of photos I loved and editing down was a challenge! Here are my favorite shots of these sweet sisters:

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dynamic duo.

I photographed these handsome boys at their home just before Father’s Day. They welcomed me with smiles and took turns in their gorgeous rooms with a mix of smiles for the camera and boys being boys together. We ended with pictures of them playing hockey in the yard on their amazing hockey rink! This pair could not have been kinder to one another and were so easy to capture. Here are a handful of favorites from the day:

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Reach for the stars

Last fall I photographed this sweet boy for the family’s holiday card. It was a rainy day so we started indoors and finished outside with some rainy day play. I loved the color palate of the rooms we shot in and that adorable face made for some gorgeous photos! And the monkey shot kills me…cute cute!! Here are my selects from our shoot:

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Sibling love.

One of the highlights of my job is to watch siblings interact with one another and tap into their personalities and relationships with one another. These gorgeous kids had a special chemistry that was really special to be a part of. I photographed these cute kiddos when the twins were brand new babies, welcomed by their big brother and family. Today they are three peas in a pod and are absolutely darling. Here are some highlights from our session:

sibling kids twins photographer0054 sibling kids twins photographer001 sibling kids twins photographer0299 sibling kids twins photographer0031 sibling kids twins photographer0439 sibling kids twins photographer0239 sibling kids twins photographer0085 sibling kids twins photographer0127 sibling kids twins photographer0273 sibling kids twins photographer0178 sibling kids twins photographer0330 sibling kids twins photographer0511 sibling kids twins photographer0165 sibling kids twins photographer0470 sibling kids twins photographer0388 sibling kids twins photographer0413

Xavier is one!

A year ago I met and photographed this lovely family, first we did a maternity shoot and then we had the newborn session. Well, I was thrilled to see them again and see how Xavier has grown! He was so sweet with big gorgeous brown eyes and a wonderful smile. We started at their home and then went to the park. We took many wonderful photos, here are my selects from their shoot:

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Sweet Caroline

I recently met a darling little girl named Caroline. She and her parents came to town from New York and scheduled a shoot while visiting their family in LA. Caroline was such a doll, full of smiles and a sweet demeanor. Her little outfits were darling and her family was a pleasure to get to know. All in all this was a great shoot and we took so many wonderful photos. Here are a handful of my favorite images:

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outdoor summer fun!

Harrison was a darling soon-to-be one year old when we did the family photo shoot. He had just started walking the week of the shoot and was experiencing the world in a new and exciting way. We held the session at a beautiful Beverly Hills Park late in the afternoon which served as the perfect backdrop for our summer session. This family was warm and welcoming and it was a really nice afternoon. Here are my favorite images of the day:

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