Two cuties!

I absolutely love watching families grow. I have been photographing this gorgeous family for years and it has been such fun to watch their little girl blossom and to see as they welcomed their baby boy to the family. It was a great shoot and I adore the photos of big sis with her little brother. Here are my selects:

Enchanted Garden

Sweet baby Norah and her parents were in town visiting relatives and asked me to photograph their family at a family member’s home. When I arrived I was blown away by the lush garden greens and flowers blossoming everywhere. It really was a treat to see such an enchanted garden. And Norah was sweet as could be with bright eyes and an easy temperament. It was a joy photographing this loving family and the photos are some of my favorites to date!

Brothers, Balloons & Bubbles

With a first birthday around the corner, we took photos of this loving family before the birthday celebration. We held the session at their home and the boys were sweet and silly with loads of smiles. I always love when bubbles and balloons are used as props because they are so fascinating to the little ones and make for some really sweet expressions. Here are my favorite photos from the shoot:

Girls just wanna have fun

I absolutely love photographing sisters because it brings back so many memories from my childhood. These two beauties were playful, energetic and covered an array of activities to keep themselves entertained. From an outdoor dance party, swings, reading, kitchen play, and artwork to bouncing on the bed and dressing up, we captured the essence of girls being young and full of life. Here are some favorite photos of this precious pair:

Whatever Lola wants….

I have been so excited to welcome my niece Lola into the family. She arrived a few weeks before her due date and was tiny and sleepy for our shoot at just 7 days new. She was so easy and slipped into any pose we gave her. Here are my favorite photos of my gorgeous niece and her amazing parents! www.beautiesandbabies.comAnd here is a shot that I took of my niece and nephew just a few days later:

Sweet Siblings

Giggles and play were a theme with these two adorable kiddos. They laughed, ran, danced and played as I snapped away. This family could not have been sweeter and I love the wonderful and real moments that we captured. Here are some standout photographs from our shoot at the park:

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Let’s Celebrate!

It was so fun to photograph my great friend and her beautiful family in San Diego. Not only was the shoot to document her little girl’s second birthday, but she and her husband were getting ready to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. To capture this special time, we started at their home and then drove to the site of their wedding so they could show their children where they were married. So many happy pictures captured, here are just a few:

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Malibu beach house shoot

The beach is one of my favorite places to do shoots. This shoot was done at a home in Malibu while the family was on vacation and it was the perfect location. We had the beach style home to use as well as the actual beach which provided lots of great locations. We had perfect weather, happy kids and a wonderful location making this one of my favorite family shoots to date. I had such a hard narrowing down my selects but here they are!

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