Paige Lauren fashion kids clothing

Last year I was approached to photograph Paige Lauren Baby clothing, a unique baby clothing line that is based in Los Angeles. It was such an honor to be selected and the images are some of my favorite to date. If you have not heard of this company, you MUST check it out. The clothes are so soft and the color palate is amazing. Here are some photos from the Desert Collection.


paige_lauren_baby_clothing_4 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_0006 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_3237 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_3 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_2358 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_1459 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_0567 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_1 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_0500 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_2875 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_6 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_2403 paige_lauren_baby_clothing_5