Groundhog’s Day

So we are well into the second week of our home isolation and it sure does feel like we are repeating the same day over and over. Don’t get me wrong- we are happy and healthy which is so important right now. But we feel like we are living the movie “Groundhog’s Day”. Every morning we wake up and go for a family walk, do school work, my husband leads PE lessons, they have online learning, reading time, free time, online play dates, soccer lessons— AND repeat. To spice it up, my son wanted his head shaved and my daughter got slime stuck in her hair and decided to cut it out. In the front. To the scalp. *sigh* Here are some photos from the last several days. Nothing special or out of the ordinary, just a way to document our time in quarantine. Stay healthy and safe out there!

My daughter is showing an interest in learning photography!
He asked to shave his head….why not
Family walk
PE Class
Class Zoom
PE class
Lego building online playdate!
Online chat with friends
Board games
SLR selfie!
Online “play date” with buddies
Facetime soccer lesson

Happy Boys

After several days of rescheduling for rain, we finally got a beautiful day for this sweet family’s home photo session. These adorable boys were all smiles and sweetness through the shoot. We shot in their gorgeous home and I love the love that was captured. Here are my favorite photos from this great day of shooting:

family pictures_0934

family pictures_0877

family pictures_0617

family pictures_0469

family pictures_0680

family pictures_0749

family pictures_1272

family pictures_003

family pictures_0968

family pictures_0902

family pictures_001

family pictures_1004

family pictures_002

family pictures_0667

family pictures_0784

family pictures_0432

family pictures_0498 family pictures_0851

family pictures_0121

go blue!

I always love when my clients have creative ideas for their shoot. Well, this family wore Michigan outfits to support their Alma Mater and I loved this idea! I photographed their son Ryan when he was a newborn so it was great to see how he has grown over the last 6 months! The kids were so cute and the little girl Alex loved having a dance party session in the middle of the shoot. Here are some photos from our session:

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