You are my sunshine.

A few months ago I photographed this gorgeous family in their new home with their brand new bundle of joy. He was really tiny and so sweet and the parents were so overjoyed and in love. Watching this threesome together was really special and it reminded me how lucky I am to be asked to capture these priceless times in people’s lives. Here are a handful of photos from our shoot:

dynamic duo.

I photographed these handsome boys at their home just before Father’s Day. They welcomed me with smiles and took turns in their gorgeous rooms with a mix of smiles for the camera and boys being boys together. We ended with pictures of them playing hockey in the yard on their amazing hockey rink! This pair could not have been kinder to one another and were so easy to capture. Here are a handful of favorites from the day:

brothers_photography_0367 brothers_photography_0463 brothers_photography_01 brothers_photography_0118 brothers_photography_0333 brothers_photography_0054 brothers_photography_0512 brothers_photography_0456 brothers_photography_0084 brothers_photography_0134 brothers_photography_0195 brothers_photography_0698 brothers_photography_0151 brothers_photography_0303 brothers_photography_0748 brothers_photography_0396 brothers_photography_0389 brothers_photography_0644 brothers_photography_0716

Reach for the stars

Last fall I photographed this sweet boy for the family’s holiday card. It was a rainy day so we started indoors and finished outside with some rainy day play. I loved the color palate of the rooms we shot in and that adorable face made for some gorgeous photos! And the monkey shot kills me…cute cute!! Here are my selects from our shoot:

kids photographer_0246 kids photographer_0156 kids photographer_0067 kids photographer_0045 kids photographer_0275 kids photographer_0083 kids photographer_0293 kids photographer_0169 kids photographer_0059 kids photographer_0097 kids photographer_0189 kids photographer_0214 kids photographer_0315 kids photographer_0281

Mama’s Sweet Boy

Sweet little August was getting ready to celebrate his first birthday and what better way than with a cake smash shoot! We started out capturing pictures with mom, baby and doggie at their home. Although he was not a fan of his birthday cake, he LOVED his bath that immediately followed. Such happy photos of a lovely family:

los angeles childrens _0224 los angeles childrens _0152 los angeles childrens _0287 cake smash_0971 los angeles childrens _001 los angeles childrens _0268 cake smash_0735 cake smash_1018 cake smash_0501 cake smash_0617 los angeles childrens _0412 los angeles childrens _0247 cake smash_1213 los angeles childrens _0196 los angeles childrens _0060 cake smash_1139

growing, growing!

This was my third shoot with this amazing family. The first shoot was when their precious little girl was just a baby, the second shoot was done when they were building their new home and this shoot was in their new home! It is so cool to photograph families over time and watch the children grow before my eyes. This time the kids were so grown up, enthusiastic and energetic. It was wonderful to see how they have matured yet still had the sweet innocence that only a child can have. All-in-all it was a wonderful shoot. Here they are:

family photography0999 family photography0141 family photography0288 family photography0001 family photography0823 family photography0204 family photography0002 family photography0480 family photography0036 family photography1401 family photography0120 family photography0352 family photography1045 family photography0171 family photography0777 family photography1288 family photography1431

Newborn baby love.

Big sister and brother were thrilled to welcome their baby sister into their family. I photographed these darling kids several years ago and was honored to document their newest arrival. Everything about this family represents love, warmth, togetherness and family. The kids were eager to be photographed and take turns with baby sis. Between smiling kids and a soundly sleeping newborn, they made my job a breeze! Here are some favorite photos from our shoot together:


newborn baby family photographer_0006





newborn baby family photographer_0112



newborn baby family photographer_0298





newborn baby family photographer_0256


newborn baby family photographer_0521

newborn baby family photographer_0066

newborn baby family photographer_0377



Jump, slam dunk and smile

This was my second shoot with this loving family (here was the first). We started the shoot at their gorgeous home. The boys each took a turn posing in their rooms which lead to taking turns slam dunking the bunk bed hoop (a first for me!) I love the energy and love that these boys shared. Some of my favorite photos are the action shots we captured. We ended at the park in the park throwing leaves and then after I said goodbye the boys played on the basketball court. Such a fun shoot and so many favorite photos. Here are a few:

los angeles family portrait photography_0133 los angeles family portrait photography_0084 los angeles family portrait photography_01 los angeles family portrait photography_0724 los angeles family portrait photography_03 los angeles family portrait photography_0089 los angeles family portrait photography_0593 los angeles family portrait photography_0595 los angeles family portrait photography_0375 los angeles family portrait photography_0461 los angeles family portrait photography_0478 los angeles family portrait photography_0613 los angeles family portrait photography_02 los angeles family portrait photography_0647 los angeles family portrait photography_0988 los angeles family portrait photography_0671 los angeles family portrait photography_0782 los angeles family portrait photography_0157 los angeles family portrait photography_1036

Energy for days…

I have had the pleasure of watching these sweet boys grow before my eyes over the years. Our first session together was when their oldest son was just four months old, one of the first baby shoots of my career. From moving homes to welcoming family members, I have been lucky enough to capture their special family moments. For this shoot, we went to a local park and let the boys be boys. Another wonderful shoot with an awesome family:

outdoor family photography los angeles_0441crop outdoor family photography los angeles_0694 outdoor family photography los angeles_2 outdoor family photography los angeles_0099 outdoor family photography los angeles_0364 outdoor family photography los angeles_3 outdoor family photography los angeles_1071 outdoor family photography los angeles_1 outdoor family photography los angeles_0972 outdoor family photography los angeles_0784 outdoor family photography los angeles_0917 outdoor family photography los angeles_0884 outdoor family photography los angeles_0282 outdoor family photography los angeles_0528 outdoor family photography los angeles_0050 outdoor family photography los angeles_0645 outdoor family photography los angeles_0425

Welcome baby Piper!

This family was so photogenic and kind-hearted to boot. It was such a treat to photograph this picture perfect family at their home in Manhattan Beach. They recently welcomed their third child to complete their clan. As you can see from the photos, these kids absolutely adored one another which was so touching to watch. I had a blast with this family and here are a handful of the many photos that captured my heart:

newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0383newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0591newborn toddler children photographer los angelesnewborn toddler children photographer los angeles_02 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0967newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0170 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0821 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0585 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0439newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_1324  newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0283newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_1090 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0273 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0320newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0232