Awaiting baby Lola

This is an extra special post because my youngest sister and her husband are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first child, a little girl. It is hard to imagine my baby sister having a baby of her own but I couldn’t be more thrilled for them and know they will be awesome parents. A couple weeks ago our family took a trip to Ojai, which was the perfect setting for her maternity photos. Green, lush and captivating, I was inspired at new heights and I am in love with the photos we took. Five more weeks until my niece is due!

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Puppy love

I photographed this Manhattan Beach couple to capture their love for one another and for their newest family member, their puppy Winnie. She was so sweet with the softest puppy fur and oversized paws. The couple is engaged and wanted to capture engagement photos and also wanted to do a thank you photo for their wedding “thank you’s”. They also wanted to take pics of their adorable puppy. It was Winnie’s first time in sand and it was so fun to watch her explore this new turf. Such a fun day!

puppy photography_0260 puppy photography_0037 puppy photography_001 puppy photography_0174 puppy photography_002 puppy photography_0863 puppy photography_0306 puppy photography_0054 puppy photography_0409 puppy photography_0097 puppy photography_0507 puppy photography_003 puppy photography_0201 puppy photography_0272 puppy photography_0632 puppy photography_0363 puppy photography_0383 puppy photography_0544 puppy photography_0326 puppy photography_0679

Fire trucks and tutus

This gorgeous family welcomed their sweet angel to their family and I was so lucky to get to document this special time in their lives. We did a variety of different shots from family, individuals of the kids and the siblings together. At first, big brother was a little unsure of posing with his sister but all of a sudden he leaned over and gave her a kiss and my heart completely melted. So many beautiful moments captured as the love and warmth was felt throughout. Here are a handful of favorites:

newborn baby photography_0122 newborn baby photography_0574 newborn baby photography_1058 newborn baby photography_1188 newborn baby photography_1043 newborn baby photography_0470 newborn baby photography_0599 newborn baby photography_0050 newborn baby photography_0560 newborn baby photography_1337 newborn baby photography_0709 newborn baby photography_0291 newborn baby photography_1292 newborn baby photography_0922 6.37.46 PM newborn baby photography_0406crop

Sweet Siblings

Giggles and play were a theme with these two adorable kiddos. They laughed, ran, danced and played as I snapped away. This family could not have been sweeter and I love the wonderful and real moments that we captured. Here are some standout photographs from our shoot at the park:

ourdoor lifestyle photography_0127 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0623 ourdoor lifestyle photography_001 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0271 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0201 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0238 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0505 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0684 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0033 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0151 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0257 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0286 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0445 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0615 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0489 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0356 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0695 ourdoor lifestyle photography_0081

Welcome baby Piper!

This family was so photogenic and kind-hearted to boot. It was such a treat to photograph this picture perfect family at their home in Manhattan Beach. They recently welcomed their third child to complete their clan. As you can see from the photos, these kids absolutely adored one another which was so touching to watch. I had a blast with this family and here are a handful of the many photos that captured my heart:

newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0383newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0591newborn toddler children photographer los angelesnewborn toddler children photographer los angeles_02 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0967newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0170 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0821 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0585 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0439newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_1324  newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0283newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_1090 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0273 newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0320newborn toddler children photographer los angeles_0232

Malibu beach house shoot

The beach is one of my favorite places to do shoots. This shoot was done at a home in Malibu while the family was on vacation and it was the perfect location. We had the beach style home to use as well as the actual beach which provided lots of great locations. We had perfect weather, happy kids and a wonderful location making this one of my favorite family shoots to date. I had such a hard narrowing down my selects but here they are!

professional family photographer malibu_0525 professional family photographer malibu_0899 professional family photographer malibu_0016 professional family photographer malibu_01 professional family photographer malibu_1052 professional family photographer malibu_02 professional family photographer malibu_1434 professional family photographer malibu_1193 professional family photographer malibu_1520 professional family photographer malibu_0861 professional family photographer malibu_03 professional family photographer malibu_1152 professional family photographer malibu_0042 professional family photographer malibu_0782 professional family photographer malibu_04 professional family photographer malibu_0110 professional family photographer malibu_1031 professional family photographer malibu_0394 professional family photographer malibu_0616 professional family photographer malibu_0709 professional family photographer malibu_1607 professional family photographer malibu_0737