Childhood Unplugged

These gorgeous sisters were so much fun to capture at our last photo shoot. They were playful and energetic and had a love and bond that was magical to watch. We did the shoot at their home and the girls started out with portraits and ended with play. Although this was a mini shoot, there were tons of photos I loved and editing down was a challenge! Here are my favorite shots of these sweet sisters:

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I recently had the pleasure of taking pictures of this gorgeous pregnant mama-to-be. She wanted to surprise her significant other with maternity photos so we did a variety of photos. We started indoors and worked our way to the beach. I had the best time getting to know this amazing woman and I absolutely love the photos. Here are my favorites from our photography session:

Sweet little angel

Newborn baby Avery was sweet as could be on her first photo shoot. She was happy and sleepy, a dream to photograph. Her family was kind and absolutely gorgeous. A highlight was when the girls’ dad got into the crib for his daughter… was perfect. They were such a loving family and I love all the photos we took. Here are my favorites:

Brothers, Balloons & Bubbles

With a first birthday around the corner, we took photos of this loving family before the birthday celebration. We held the session at their home and the boys were sweet and silly with loads of smiles. I always love when bubbles and balloons are used as props because they are so fascinating to the little ones and make for some really sweet expressions. Here are my favorite photos from the shoot:

Girls just wanna have fun

I absolutely love photographing sisters because it brings back so many memories from my childhood. These two beauties were playful, energetic and covered an array of activities to keep themselves entertained. From an outdoor dance party, swings, reading, kitchen play, and artwork to bouncing on the bed and dressing up, we captured the essence of girls being young and full of life. Here are some favorite photos of this precious pair:

the miracle of life.

Thirteen days ago I was lucky enough to watch as my nephew entered the world. My sister, Lana, asked me to photograph her birth and it was quite a powerful experience. Baby Luca was happy inside the womb and was in no rush to come out so twelve days after his due date, he was induced. Though she was given pitocin to induce labor, Lana chose not to have an epidural or any pain medication which made for some expressive and powerful images. The experience was such a mix of emotions as a spectator but it was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to have been there. Here is a link to a slideshow I created of Lana’s delivery of my nephew, baby Luca: SLIDESHOW. And here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:

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