I recently had the pleasure of taking pictures of this gorgeous pregnant mama-to-be. She wanted to surprise her significant other with maternity photos so we did a variety of photos. We started indoors and worked our way to the beach. I had the best time getting to know this amazing woman and I absolutely love the photos. Here are my favorites from our photography session:

Cutest little newbie!

I am always excited when parents have personal items to incorporate into the newborn photo session. These awesome parents had some really fun and unique props that made for some really sweet photos with a personal touch. This little guy took a little while to fall asleep but once he was out we got some darling pictures. Here are my favorite photos of this loving threesome:

newborn boy_0913

newborn boy_0804

newborn boy_0861

newborn boy_0899

Two cuties!

I absolutely love watching families grow. I have been photographing this gorgeous family for years and it has been such fun to watch their little girl blossom and to see as they welcomed their baby boy to the family. It was a great shoot and I adore the photos of big sis with her little brother. Here are my selects:

You are my sunshine.

A few months ago I photographed this gorgeous family in their new home with their brand new bundle of joy. He was really tiny and so sweet and the parents were so overjoyed and in love. Watching this threesome together was really special and it reminded me how lucky I am to be asked to capture these priceless times in people’s lives. Here are a handful of photos from our shoot:

Whatever Lola wants….

I have been so excited to welcome my niece Lola into the family. She arrived a few weeks before her due date and was tiny and sleepy for our shoot at just 7 days new. She was so easy and slipped into any pose we gave her. Here are my favorite photos of my gorgeous niece and her amazing parents! www.beautiesandbabies.comAnd here is a shot that I took of my niece and nephew just a few days later:

brother sister love.

Photographing newborn babies always warms my heart. This shoot was no exception because not only did I get to photograph this little bundle of joy, I got to take pictures of his big sister sharing in the excitement of having a little bro. She was so sweet with him and he was such an easy baby. Here are some of the beautiful moments we captured!

newborn baby boy_0038 newborn baby boy_0396 newborn baby boy_0165 newborn baby boy_0109 newborn baby boy_0047 newborn baby boy_0215 newborn baby boy_0335 newborn baby boy_0452 newborn baby boy_0129 newborn baby boy_0213 newborn baby boy_0610 newborn baby boy_0066 newborn baby boy_0196 newborn baby boy_0182 newborn baby boy_0262