Newborn baby love.

Big sister and brother were thrilled to welcome their baby sister into their family. I photographed these darling kids several years ago and was honored to document their newest arrival. Everything about this family represents love, warmth, togetherness and family. The kids were eager to be photographed and take turns with baby sis. Between smiling kids and a soundly sleeping newborn, they made my job a breeze! Here are some favorite photos from our shoot together:


newborn baby family photographer_0006





newborn baby family photographer_0112



newborn baby family photographer_0298





newborn baby family photographer_0256


newborn baby family photographer_0521

newborn baby family photographer_0066

newborn baby family photographer_0377



Final Entry

After careful and great consideration, I have decided to take some time off from shooting to be a full-time mom to my two young kids. I absolutely love taking pictures and this decision did not come easily but there is nothing like being a mom and I want to live without regret and be there for my kids as much as possible before this time passes me by. Being a successful business owner requires a great amount of work behind the scenes and as my work and company grew and expanded, my time with my family was being cut short. Once the kids are a bit older and are in school full-time I will likely resume my work with a fresh start. In the meantime, I thank you for your understanding and I will miss watching my clients grow from year to year. Take care and best wishes. I truly appreciate your loyalty to my photography and to my blog. ~Sincerely, Larissa Block


happy baby boy.

Dylan was full of smiles during his family photo shoot. He was such a sweet little guy who was alert and happy, despite the fact that he decided to skip his nap that day! We started off in the family home, taking pictures in his adorable nursery and then we walked to a local park which was the perfect setting for the late afternoon pictures we took. This was a warm and welcoming family and with a darling baby boy. Here are my favorite photos we took:

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Olivia is 3 months old already!

A few months ago I photographed newborn baby Olivia Kate for her birth announcements (newborn session). Well, this time I got to photograph Olivia with her parents in their home. It was so fun to photograph Olivia again and this time she was alert and lit up for the camera. She has gotten so big since I saw her last and I cannot get enough of those darling chubby cheeks and breathtaking eyes. They are such a sweet family and it was a really great session. Here are my favorites!

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A perfect gift for dad!

Father’s Day is around the corner and what better gift than a photo session for dad! Gift certificates are available for purchase. Capture these precious moments before they pass!! Purchase a session for your family, split an extended family package with your siblings and document the whole family or grandparents can give a gift to their children and grandchildren! Email me for additional information:

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Reva has a baby Sister….welcome Noa!

I have been fortunate enough to photograph Reva in her mommy’s tummy, as a newborn, as a baby and now as a big sister! I feel like I have watched her grow into a little girl and really enjoyed meeting and photographing the two girls. Noa reminded me a lot of Reva as a baby and I can tell already that these two will be very close. Here are my favorite shots from the day:


Mommy and Baby

Family Portrait
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Introducing Baby Braydon!

Last weekend I photographed a beautiful newborn baby named Braydon. His parents were so together and were such naturals with their son, it was really fun to see. Since both Mommy & Daddy are attorneys, the tie was a perfect prop for this little guy. We took so many great shots it was hard to choose for the blog, but here are my selects from the shoot. Congratulations on your perfect baby boy!!

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Back to work…well, almost.

I am going back to work at the start of the year. January 3rd, 2011 will be the start of many wonderful adventures in photography. I am loving my time with my little one and wasn’t quite ready to go back until after the holidays, though the thought of getting back to shooting in the New Year has me really excited!! So, if you are interested in setting up a shoot, please let me know. I am offering a $100 discount from package A for anyone who books between January 3 through Valentine’s day!

Baby Props & Stuff…

One place I love to visit online is This is a great place to find handmade items such as clothes and hats, props for baby photo shoots, and lots of cool items! One vendor a friend just told me about is LucyandEllen. This is a company that sells vintage home decor items and the pieces they have are beautiful! Here are a couple baby props that I found that I thought would be great for photos (these are NOT photos taken by Beauties & Babies):

Itty Bitty Couture is another fun shop I found sells handmade baby clothes, hats, etc. Cute stuff:

Baby hammocks, pods & cacoons are another photo prop that can be used in photographing newborn babies. I there are lots of people who sell these on etsy, but here is one seller who has beautiful work and designs. 4aSong Designs:

The Real Estate Angels of Beverly Hills

I was recently hired to shoot headshots & publicity shots for the women of MD Properties  Jen, Nina and Sabrina are friends and partners, working together to sell homes in the Beverly Hills area. The ladies are smart, beautiful and work incredibly hard to strive in the real estate world. Here are a couple sample shots from our shoot: