Thirteen days ago I was lucky enough to watch as my nephew entered the world. My sister, Lana, asked me to photograph her birth and it was quite a powerful experience. Baby Luca was happy inside the womb and was in no rush to come out so twelve days after his due date, he was induced. Though she was given pitocin to induce labor, Lana chose not to have an epidural or any pain medication which made for some expressive and powerful images. The experience was such a mix of emotions as a spectator but it was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to have been there. Here is a link to a slideshow I created of Lana’s delivery of my nephew, baby Luca: SLIDESHOW. And here are just a few of my favorite images from the day:

birth_0020 birth_0028 birth_0036 birth birth_0081 birth_0056 birth_0105 birth_0135 birth_0143 birth_0160 birth_0227 birth_0295 birth_0305 birth_0373 birth_0382 birth_0384 birth_0430 birth_0455 birth_0459 birth_0467 birth_0483 birth_0527 birth_0579 birth_0627 birth_0667

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