I photographed this Manhattan Beach couple to capture their love for one another and for their newest family member, their puppy Winnie. She was so sweet with the softest puppy fur and oversized paws. The couple is engaged and wanted to capture engagement photos and also wanted to do a thank you photo for their wedding “thank you’s”. They also wanted to take pics of their adorable puppy. It was Winnie’s first time in sand and it was so fun to watch her explore this new turf. Such a fun day!

puppy photography_0260 puppy photography_0037 puppy photography_001 puppy photography_0174 puppy photography_002 puppy photography_0863 puppy photography_0306 puppy photography_0054 puppy photography_0409 puppy photography_0097 puppy photography_0507 puppy photography_003 puppy photography_0201 puppy photography_0272 puppy photography_0632 puppy photography_0363 puppy photography_0383 puppy photography_0544 puppy photography_0326 puppy photography_0679

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