Once again I have been honored to shoot for Paige Lauren Baby Clothing, a super soft and really cute clothing line designed for babies and toddlers. This shoot was a little on the edgier side, taking place in a vintage guitar shop in Los Angeles. With a unique color palate and cool location, these are some of my favorite shots to date. Once again it was an absolute pleasure getting creative with a really dynamic company. Here are some of my favorite photos from the shoot: rock_collection_0640rock_collection_2661rock_collection_0089rock_collection_1030rock_collection_0444 rock_collection_0550 rock_collection_2430rock_collection_0848rock_collection_1524 rock_collection_0910 rock_collection_1611 rock_collection_2180rock_collection_1822 rock_collection_1153rock_collection_2093rock_collection_1401 rock_collection_1745rock_collection_2299

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