I used to be so good about blogging but since going back to work almost 9 months ago I have not been able to carve out the time to post. So I will try to catch up on all the shoots I have done. The first post was my first shoot when I went back to work last summer. Everything about the shoot was wonderful from the family to their stunning home, the lighting and of course the photos turned out just as I had hoped. Here are some photos that I absolutely adore!

family_photography_los_angeles_0295 family_photography_los_angeles_0059 family_photography_los_angeles_0147 family_photography_los_angeles_0056 family_photography_los_angeles_0208 family_photography_los_angeles_1018 family_photography_los_angeles_0416 family_photography_los_angeles_0248 family_photography_los_angeles_0401 family_photography_los_angeles_0526 family_photography_los_angeles_0709 family_photography_los_angeles_0211 family_photography_los_angeles_0832 family_photography_los_angeles_0736 family_photography_los_angeles_0901 family_photography_los_angeles_0990 family_photography_los_angeles_0896 family_photography_los_angeles_0308

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