It has been a couple months since my last Jaelyn update. She got out of her helmet in only 6 weeks (huge growth spurt!) and her head is round again. So to celebrate, she got her first haircut and a few photo sessions with mom. This is such a fun time in her development with movement, baby babble, mama and dada, eating finger foods and so much more…. being a parent just keeps getting better. Here are a few of my favorite photos we have taken lately!

Baby’s First Haircut:

baby haircut photo

8 month photos (can’t resist the tutu shot!)

baby tutu portrait

baby in tutu Los Angeles Photographer

Jaelyn’s baby naming dress and 9 month portraits:

baby photo Los Angeles

professional baby portrait photographer Los Angeles

4th of July weekend photos (just for fun):

baby photographer Los Angeles

dad and baby photograph

baby photographer Los Angeles

To view additional work by Beauties & Babies Photography of Los Angeles, please visit:

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