When I was pregnant, I was given a gift from a company called My Own Little Story. This unique company is an online baby booking site where you fill out the information and upload photos and a beautiful hardbound book is created for your little one. This is a wonderful way for busy moms who are computer savvy or work on the computer to complete their child’s baby book by simply entering the information online. A monthly email is sent as a reminder to enter new information, which is so helpful when you are busy and need a little reminder to catch up on recording your child’s milestones. Pages can be skipped, saved, edited and published once they are completed. With the click of the mouse, the book can be shared with family and friends online. There are a variety of pricing options depending on what you would like to spend and if you are giving this as a gift, it comes in a beautifully displayed keepsake folder with all the information. This is a wonderful way to document every precious moment with your little one in a quick and easy way so you will remember these memories for years to come! Check out My Own Little Story and you will give a gift that any mom-to-be will treasure!!

My Own Little Story

My Own Little Story

My Own Little Story

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