A few weeks ago I photographed newborn twins Arianna and Dylan and their big brother Chase! The twins were so little and adorable it was a really great shoot. Dylan was quite sleepy having just been born, yet his sister wanted to see what all the action was about! Big brother Chase was full of energy so we captured his solo shots as he played in the yard. We did shots of the family, twins, grandparents and many variations in-between. It was an action packed shoot and I am crazy about the photos. Here are my favorites from the day! Congratulations Lisa and Todd on your beautiful family!

newborn twins

family portrait

toddler portrait

Newborn baby portrait

Newborn baby portrait

Newborn Twins

mother baby portrait

children photography

family portrait twins

toddler portrait

family portrait toddler

dad baby portrait

newborn twins photography

mother baby portrait

newborn baby portrait

mother child portrait

Newborn Twins Portrait

To view additional work by Beauties & Babies Photography of Los Angeles, please visit: www.BeautiesAndBabies.com

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