Last week my daughter Jaelyn started rocking her newest fashion trend: the Doc Band or as we like to call it, her crash helmet. The reason for this new head gear: a flat head. Back in our day, babies slept on their tummies and our heads were nice and round. Today, with the back to sleep movement, babies go from lying on their backs in their cribs to the floor, to the car seat to the swing… you get the point. So now we are reshaping her noggin for 10-12 weeks.

On day one, I brought her home with a white very clinical looking piece of headgear. This was going to be a long three months for mommy… that is when I discovered the amazing artwork of Paula Strawn. If you are not familiar with her work, you have to check it out: She takes these dreary looking doc bands and hand paints a creative work of art, transforming it from clinical to fashionable! She has truly found her niche and outdoes herself designing helmet after darling helmet. Her prices are VERY reasonable and I couldn’t be happier with my daughter’s creation. She added many personal touches that I never thought of! I cannot say enough about this talented and caring woman.Check out her work and if your child is in need of a helmet, don’t fret! He/she too can be fashion forward in headgear! Here are the photos, thank you for your beautiful work Paula!!

baby portrait

Baby Portrait

Doc Band Helmet

Doc Band Helmet

Doc Band Helmet

Doc Band Helmet

Baby Portrait

To view additional work by Beauties & Babies Photography of Los Angeles, please visit:

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