A few weeks ago I photographed Lisa’s headshots for a new company website she was getting ready to launch. We did portraits of her solo in studio and then with her son at a local park. The site is up and running and looks fantastic! Here is a little bit about www.MomEsquire.com:

“Created to help parents who are about to have or adopt a baby, hire childcare, or return to work after a maternity leave, Mom, Esq. will help moms and dads with their family’s employment needs.  Among other things, Mom, Esq. will help explain the answers to such frequently asked questions as:
-What maternity leave benefits am I entitled to in California?
-Are there legal issues I need to consider when hiring a nanny?
-Does the law offer me any protection when I go back to work?
As a mom who’s been through this, I’ve decided to make it my business to help other moms and dads understand the legal issues that go hand in hand with parenthood.  I am excited to embark on this new professional journey and encourage you to learn more about Mom, Esq. by visiting my website at www.momesquire.com.”

Congratulations and best wishes on your new business venture!

To view additional work by Beauties & Babies Photography of Los Angeles, please visit: www.BeautiesAndBabies.com

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