I have been so busy working I haven’t had time to post new images. I thought I would write about selecting a digital camera since  the most common question I get from parents is: “What digital camera do you recommend?” Well, let me start by saying I am no expert. Digital cameras are changing constantly and they continue to improve. Many people who are starting a family or have kids who are growing up before their very eyes want to capture every precious moment. A digital SLR or single lens reflex camera (the big black one with the removable lens) can offer many great advantages. Here are a list of what I feel are things to consider when choosing a camera:

1. Megapixels- This is how big your files will be. The bigger the file the more information you have for enlargements and cropability. But for the average person, you won’t need a 22 megapixel camera because that just means you have to store all those massive files. These days, cameras offer more and more resolution which can be great depending on your needs. Think about what your goals are with these pictures. Will you be making canvas prints or enlargements, 4×6 prints or simply posting to your facebook page? This is a good place to start when choosing a camera.

2. Image stabilization- This is a feature that is built into the lens of the camera or in the actual camera body to prevent camera shake or movement during the shot. This can be a very useful tool in ensuring that your images come out as sharp as you would like. This is something to be aware of when making your choice.

3. Sensor Size- I don’t want to get too advanced on you, but this is something to bear in mind when selecting a camera. Cameras come equipped with different sensor sizes which often effects the purchase price. A full frame sensor means that when you look through the lens, what you see is what you get. Your lens will be true to its range. As a sensor gets smaller, it captures a smaller area of the scene (known as the “crop factor.”) In essence, this means your lenses appear longer as the sensor gets smaller. This is by no means a setback, but for those of you who already have lenses, they will change if your camera has a smaller sensor size. This is just something to keep in mind and ask a camera salesperson about.

4. Speed- Another name for this is continuous shooting mode. Most basic cameras can offer a somewhat rapid fire speed (faster than your point-and-shoot camera). But if you are the person at your kids soccer games hoping to document the series of action shots as they score the winning goal, you may want something faster. Continuous shooting mode allows you to press and hold the camera’s shutter button to capture a series of shots in rapid succession. This is just another factor to consider in your purchase.

5. HD video- Nowadays most cameras come fully loaded with a video camera. Who wouldn’t want that? Well, just be sure that if this is an important feature to you that the video is in HD.

The final things to consider in my opinion are the way the camera feels in your hands and cost. You want to choose something that you are comfortable holding. Do you prefer a light weight camera that is easy to transport or do you prefer something that feels strong and durable? How much do you want to spend and are you getting all the features you are looking for? I recommend going to a Samy’s or Ritz camera store and just try out several cameras. Use the salespeople as resources. It is their job to stay up on the latest technology. Ask them questions and hold a variety of cameras in your hands to see what feels good to you. This is an investment and you probably wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, right? As I said in the beginning, I am not an expert on what cameras are the best or which camera you should choose. But I do recommend taking the plunge and getting a camera that inspires you to take pictures of your little ones. These are moments in time you can’t get back and why not document them as they happen so you can look back and smile. I promise, you will be glad you did!!

To view additional work by Beauties & Babies Photography of Los Angeles, please visit: www.BeautiesAndBabies.com

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